# UV 8000 Series Adhesive Guidelines\n---\n([Download a PDF of this guideline document.](https://www.slee.com/assets/CrystalEdge%20GenInfo%20-%20UV8000%20Guidelines.pdf))\n([Download a PDF of this adhesive's MSDS document.](https://www.slee.com/assets/CrystalEdge%20GenInfo%20-%20UV8000%20MSDS.pdf))\n---\n### Summary\nThe CrystalEdge® UV8000 Series is a thick-bodied (medium viscosity) adhesive suitable for universal applications. It provides maximum strength as well as tension compensation and is therefore ideal for glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal bonding. It is unique in its optical clarity and durable resistance to yellowing. Especially worth mentioning is its high resistance to moisture. The adhesive is mainly used for glass constructions subject to high static force. Its high elongation at break compensates for the expansion of different bonding materials without loss of adhesion.\n\n### Material Types That Can Be Bonded\n- Glass – Glass\n- Glass – Metal\n- Glass – Wood\n- Glass – Stone\n- Glass – ABS/PVC\n- Toughened Glass – Toughened Glass\n\n### Fields of Application\n- Two-dimensional glass constructions\n- Objects subject to static and dynamic force\n- Compensates for expansions of different materials without loss of adhesion\n- For the high stress of different materials\n- Joints with exposure to high humidity\n\n### MSDS Sheets (Material Safety Data)\n([View this product's MSDS by clicking here.](https://www.slee.com/assets/CrystalEdge%20GenInfo%20-%20UV8000%20MSDS.pdf))\n\nEach bottle of UV8000 Adhesive is shipped with an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). We can also fax or e-mail a PDF copy upon request. Please contact customer service at 1-800-875-7808 or e-mail [info@slee.com](mailto:info@slee.com).\n\n### Technical Characteristics\nQuality | Details\n---|---\nMaterial Basis: | Modified urethane acrylate\nColor: | Permanently colorless, optically clear\nRefractive Index: | Approx. 1.502\nDensity: | Approx. 1.0g/cm3\nElongation at break: | 50%\nE-module: | 900 N/mm3\nViscosity: | Approx. 1800 mPa-s\nConsistency: | Medium Viscosity\nBond line thickness: | 0.8 – 0.5 mm (recommended: as thin as possible)\nIrradiation: | UVA 315-400 nm\nHardness: | Approx. 70 Shore D\nShear Strength: | Glass-Glass Approx. 25N/mm3, Glass-Metal Approx. 25N/mm3\nTemperature Range: | -40˚C to +120˚C (short-term to 150˚C)\nLinear Shrinkage: | Approx. 5%\nStorage: | In original container dry and dark (without UV exposure). Shelf life 6 months at room temperature, 12 months well cooled.\n\n### UV7000 Ordering Information\n**Part# SLXUV8000:** 0.7 Ounce (20gram)\n**Part# SLXUV8001:** 3.58 Ounce (100gram)\n**Part# SLXUV8002:** 8.8 Ounce (250gram)\n**Part# SLXUV8003:** 35 Ounce (1000gram) (1 liter)\n**Part# SLXUV8000N:** Needle Applicator & Bottle Adapter for use with all bottle sizes.\n**Part# SLXUV8000N/5:** Replacement Needle Applicators (Pack of 5)\n\n
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