([Click here to download a PDF of this document](https://www.slee.com/assets/CrystalEdge%20GenInfo%20-%20Water%20Marks.pdf))\n\n# What are "Water Marks" on glass and how can you remove them?\n---\nWater marks on glass are mineral deposits resulting from water (or moisture in humid climates) that has dried on the glass, or from water that is trapped between two pieces of glass and dried. Most water marks are dried calcium. No amount of glass cleaner will remove them as they actually adhere to the surface of the glass. Removal of water marks can be easily done by using one of two methods. \n\n**The first method** is to purchase some pumice powder from us (part # **SLXPUMICE**). Dry pumice powder is simply rubbed over the surface of the glass using your fingers or thumb tip. This rubbing motion with pumice will remove smaller water marks.\n\n**The second method** (for larger surfaces) is to use a special 3M glass cleaning pad (part # **SLX3MPAD**) in a rubbing motion to remove the water marks. These pads will not scratch the glass and can be used dry or with a water/soap mix. Soaking the glass for 10 minutes in a soap or detergent warm water mix will help soften the hardened mineral deposits and the pads will then easily remove them. (Do not use other pad types as they may scratch the glass).\n
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