([Click here to download a PDF of this document](https://www.slee.com/assets/CrystalEdge%20GenInfo%20-%20ClearShield%20-%20Sandblasted%20Glass.pdf))\n\n# ClearShield™ Application Instructions - Sandblasted Glass\n---\n### Step 1: Pre-Cleaner\n**Surface Preparation (Hand Wash)**\nAfter sandblasting, rinse or blow away (using clean dry compressed air) any loose glass deposits or abrasive. Use Pre-Cleaner to remove any surface dirt or other organic deposits on the glass surface. Mix concentration of 1:5 Pre-Cleaner/Water. A stronger concentration can be used for heavier contamination. Scrub glass with Pre-Cleaner concentration. Rinse with water and squeegee dry.\n\n### Step 2: Glass Renovator\nGlass Renovator is used for the chemical dissolution and removal of inorganic deposits such as lime scale, water salts, etc. **Note:** Use only if it is determined that contamination still exists after using Pre-Cleaner. To use, apply Glass Renovator (full strength) to glass surface with a clean sponge. Agitate and leave to dwell for 30 seconds. Re-agitate and leave to dwell an additional 30 seconds. Remove excess residue with squeegee, rinse with water and squeegee dry. Please make sure that the glass is rinsed thoroughly. **DO NOT allow Glass Renovator to dry on glass surface!**\n\n**Drying (Hand Wash Only)**\nDrying reduces the possibility of watermarks or squeegee lines being left on the very porous surface, typical of sandblasted glass. **Blow dry using filtered, clean dry compressed air or commercial heated blower.**\n\n**Handling**\nGlass must remain clean and dry during handling prior to ClearShield application. Avoid recontamination of the glass by wearing plastic gloves to avoid transfer of natural oils from hands onto porous surface.\n\n### Step 3: Sandblast Glass Protect\nApply Sandblast Glass Protect to a clean cotton pad or cloth and then wipe across glass first in overlapping horizontal pattern. Reapply ClearShield to application pad as needed to avoid drying out and for consistent coverage. Repeat process wiping ClearShield in overlapping vertical pattern to assure 100% coverage.\n\n### Step 4: Clean-All\n**Cure & Removal of Excess Polymer**\nAfter application, some excess polymer will appear on the glass surface in the form of an opaque, greasy film. Excess polymer can be removed after proper curing has been achieved. Typically, Sandblast Protect will cure in approximately 45 minutes. High humidity conditions may require a cure time of up to 60 minutes. **Proper cure can be determined by removing excess polymer in a test area on the glass. Then, using a trigger spray bottle of fresh water, spray glass (glass should be in vertical presentation). You should observe round beads of water that should run quickly down the glass surface.** Once cure is confirmed, wash the remaining excess polymer off with warm water and Clean-All. Concentration of 1:5 Clean-All/Warm Water is recommended. Should a polymer haze still be present, repeat the cleaning process with warm water and Clean-All.\nFinally, allow glass to dry off naturally or blow-dry using warm or hot air.\n
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