([Click here to download a PDF of this document](https://www.crystaledge.com/assets/Gen%20Info_CrystalEdge_2019.pdf))\n\n# General Information & Conditions\n---\nCrystalEdge® products are manufactured by craftsmen using a combination of "State-of-the-Art" equipment and manual skills that are the very best in the industry. Great care is taken to provide our valued customers with a premium quality glass blank that can be long admired by the end user. If for any reason you feel that our product or service does not meet your expectations please contact our customer service department at 1-800-875-7808.\n\n\n### Ordering Requirements\n\nWe require a purchase order for all orders by either fax or e-mail to orders@slee.com, or place an online order on our website https://crystaledge.com. Please specify part numbers, and product descriptions whenever possible for all order requirements. Sorry, we do not accept phone orders.\n\n\n### Order Acknowledgment and Shipments\n\nWe will acknowledge all online orders and faxed or e-mailed purchase orders by return fax or e-mail. Our policy is to provide you with an anticipated lead-time before shipment can be made. Purchase orders for items confirmed to be in stock will normally be shipped within two business days. When an item number is not in stock, we will provide you with our best estimate depending on actual production lead-time. For custom products, lead times can vary from three to eight weeks.\n\n### Production Time\n\nWe will do everything possible to meet customer requirement dates, but cannot guarantee a specific date unless items are in stock. Our policy is to provide customers with a four-day window in which shipment from our factory should be made. However, seasonal demand may extend this lead-time. If needed, expedited shipping options are available upon your request. \n\n\n### Custom or Non Standard Products Orders/Overruns\n\nCustom Products are defined as non stocked products. Stocked products are shown as standard CrystalEdge® products on our website or current catalogs. All Custom Products are subject to a $100 set up charge (#SETUP-SLC) and will be quoted based on the actual quantity required. If the order quantity changes from the quantity originally quoted we reserve the right to revise our pricing accordingly. \n\nEvery effort will be made to ship the exact quantity ordered. However, for custom orders, we reserve the right to ship up to 10% under or over the quantity required on your purchase order. In the glass industry it is not possible to run exact quantities due to possible defects in the glass and rejections made at final inspection. Custom orders are not discountable and cannot be cancelled after the order has been acknowledged. Custom orders may be subject to a 50% deposit at the time of order.\n\nTo expedite the quoting and production process, you may submit your exact specifications and dimensions of your artwork by e-mail using a DXF or EPS file format to info@slee.com.\n\n\n### Rush Orders\n\nA rush order charge will apply to orders requiring faster than normal lead time. This charge is 20% of the total order to cover the cost of personalized expediting and machine set-up changes. We cannot assume any responsibility for the scheduling and/or delay caused by common carriers.\n\nDuring the busy season (Dec to May), or at other times when the factory workload is high, rush orders may not be accepted.\n\n### Order Cancellation\n\nAny costs incurred prior to an order being cancelled or decreased in quantity will be charged to the customer. All cancelled orders must be confirmed by fax or e-mail.\n\n### Minimum Orders\n\nFor all customers the minimum order is $50. For orders under the $50 minimum order a $10 processing and handling fee will be charged. (Minimum order values are calculated before discounts have been applied).\n\n### Discounts\n\n**Single order value:** \nOver $250 - 10% discount \nOver $1,250 - 20% discount \nOver $5,000 - 25% discount \n\nOur policy is to apply discounts by single purchase order value. At the time the order is placed and acknowledged, the total catalog price of your order is used to determine discounts. You may combine any standard CrystalEdge® products to qualify for discounts listed. Custom products and Accessory products are not discountable. We continually review our established customer account history to determine earned annual discount levels.\n\n### First Time Customer Samples\n\nFirst time customers can purchase a one time only selection of any of our standard products for a 20% discount off the catalog price. Samples are limited to one blank of any standard product with a CrystalEdge® catalog part number. Minimum order requirements do not apply for first time customer sample orders. A first time customer is defined as a customer that has not previously purchased products from The Slee Corporation.\n\n### COD Orders\n\nWe do not accept COD orders. All orders to customers without approved payment terms require payment by credit card, debit card, or ACH direct bank payment prior to shipment.\n\n### Shipments made on Customer or 3rd Party UPS or FEDEX Accounts\n\nFor customers requiring shipments to be sent on a customer's UPS or FEDEX account, the account number must be indicated on the purchase order. Due to the additional processing and handling requirements of these orders a charge of $6.40 will be made for each shipment.\n\n### Boxing Charge\n\nOur product prices do not contain overhead costs related to boxing and packaging for shipping, other than the cartons or presentation boxes specified in this price list. We bulk pack all CrystalEdge® products using quality materials and methods that are approved by United Parcel Service and FEDEX. Each shipping box is charged at $4.80. \n\n### Preferred Shipping Carriers\n\nAll domestic orders are shipped via UPS or FEDEX Ground Service unless specified otherwise. Although UPS allows box weights up to 150 pounds, we generally limit our boxes to a 65 pound maximum. We have found through experience that our damage claim percentage is negligible when these weights are not exceeded. All shipments over $100.00 in value will be charged an additional $0.50 per $100 in value for insurance, unless otherwise specified, in which case we will not be responsible for any loss.\n\nFor orders requiring faster delivery, we will ship by UPS or FEDEX Air Service. Please specify on all orders your preference for the shipping carries that you require us to use.\n\n### International Shipments\n\nCrystalEdge® is a brand that is recognized globally and shipped world wide. For International Service, we ship either by UPS or FEDEX. International orders are subject to a fee of $20.00 for the preparation of shipping documents.\n\n### Split Shipments\n\nWe will be happy to drop ship your order to an address different from your own, if required. However, when an order is split and shipped to 2 or more destinations, a split shipment fee of $6.40 per destination will apply.\n\n### Truck Shipments\n\nTruck shipments are normally most cost effective and safer to transport when total shipment weights approach 500 pounds. For the majority of trucking companies their minimum weight is 500 pounds. Our preferred freight carrier is FEDEX Freight. If you prefer to use a trucking company of your choice we will do our best to accommodate you. A $16.00 per pallet charge will apply for truck shipments. Shipments requiring crating will be subject to a crating charge.\n\n### Damaged Shipments\n\nTitle to the goods transfers to the buyer at the FOB point. Goods are shipped at the buyers risk and claims must be made by the buyer against the carrier. You must notify the carrier immediately upon receipt of shipment, if damage of items has occurred. Keep original carton(s), packing material and broken items, which the carrier will inspect to determine the claim. You must also notify us within 48 hours for breakage on the items shipped. We will respond as quickly as possible to provide you with replacement pieces. Credit to your account will be applied only after we have received the approved claim receipt form from the carrier.\n\n\n### Returns\n\nYou must notify us within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise if there is any discrepancy between what you ordered and what you received. If you wish to return items please call a customer service representative for approval. When a product return is approved, goods must be packed securely in a manner similar to how it was received. We will not issue a credit for products that are broken due to insufficient packaging during the return. A copy of your invoice or packing slip must accompany the returned shipment. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. For items returned, a restocking fee of 15% of the order value will apply. Custom orders and large orders for products not normally stocked that must be specifically produced, may not be returned. We will not issue payments for credited products. For defective products, our policy is to ship replacements. If returned products were purchased and charged to a credit card, an approved credit will be applied to the same credit card.\n\n### Payment\n\nPayment terms are full payment prior to shipment. For customers with approved credit, terms are net 30 days. After 30 days, there is a 1.5% finance charge per month. After 60 days, payment terms will automatically be returned to payment prior to shipment. We do not ship to accounts over 60 days in arrears. Payments can also be made with credit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard or American Express. For a credit application form, please contact the accounting department. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing of credit applications.\n\n### Credit Card Orders\n\nWe accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Our website provides secure online processing of credit or debit cards. When an order is placed, your credit card is "pre-approved" for an approximate total cost, however we do not process the actual charge until your order is ready to ship, and the final amount including any earned discounts and actual shipping and handling charges are known.\n\n### Product Pricing\n\nProducts and prices are subject to change or discontinuation without written notice. We reserve the right to withdraw any item without written notice. The CrystalEdge® web site prices shown are the current wholesale price for our standard products lines.\n\n### Trophy Blank Tolerances\n\nGeneral Manufacturing Tolerances: \nOur goal is to manufacture every CrystalEdge® product to achieve perfect symmetry, eye appeal, balance and consistency. The size indicated for each CrystalEdge® product is approximate, and should be used for general guidance only. Our blanks are fabricated one edge at a time. Sophisticated machining is performed using expensive diamond tools to achieve the edge quality necessary to fabricate a premium blank. Our general tolerances for trophy blanks are plus or minus 1/16" for sizes under 6" x 6", unless otherwise indicated in the price list. The tolerance for blanks larger than this increases to plus or minus 3/32". For complicated custom shapes, our general tolerance does not apply.\n\n\n### Glass thickness Tolerances\n\nThe glass used to manufacture CrystalEdge® Glass Trophy blanks is manufactured to "commercial float glass industry standards". All commercial float glass is manufactured worldwide in only metric thicknesses. This price list uses a thickness measurement in inches, which is only approximate. Our general glass thickness tolerances are:\n\n**3/16" (5mm) Glass + or - 1/32" \n1/4" (6mm) Glass + or - 1/32" \n3/8" (9.5mm) Glass + or - 3/64" \n1/2" (12mm) Glass + or - 3/64" \n3/4" (19mm) Glass + or - 1/16"**\n\nWhen using CrystalEdge® blanks in custom bases with slots for the glass, the size of the slot should always be made wide enough to accommodate glass in the upper tolerance of the thickness specified above. Although our glass is normally manufactured to a tighter tolerance than specified above, we strongly suggest that you obtain production samples from us if thickness is critical.\n\n\n### The CrystalEdge® Standard\n\nCrystalEdge® products are manufactured using only the finest raw materials. You should be aware that even in the finest glass and crystal, slight variations in clarity can occur. Small air bubbles, flow lines, and minor variations in color are occasionally visible. The Slee Corporation has established strict inspection standards for all of our products, however these variations are not considered defects.\n\n\n### Guarantee\n\nWe are committed to supplying a quality product in a reliable manner. Many of our CrystalEdge® products are fabricated with "State-of-the-Art" cutting and polishing equipment. Others are uniquely hand-crafted, one at a time. Slight variations in dimension and edge work are distinguishing features in most of our products. Extreme tolerances or extra hand finishing, if required is available at a surcharge, and will be quoted upon request. Any defects in materials or craftsmanship will be corrected or replaced as quickly as possible.
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